The Plovput Company’s project called CROATIAN LIGHTHOUSES, a group exhibition of photographs, is meant to draw attention to the conservation of lighthouses, their reconstruction and refurbishment made to the highest cultural and historical heritage protection standards and environmental standards. They present an original and attractive valuation of Croatian tourism. The good choice of reconstruction and compliance with high ecological requirements speak for themselves regarding the sustainable development along the Croatian coast, part of the Mediterranean.
In 2004, the exhibition was assumed as a permanent exhibition in the company premises, a permanent exhibition on the web page www.plovput-exhibition.com, and a travelling exhibition in showrooms all over the world, showing photographs from Plovput archives, and photographs that would be sent for the occasion by many professionals and amateurs.

An expert review of the exhibition was given and written by Tonko Maroevic, Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Forty artists so far have applied for the exhibition on the topic of lighthouse heritage with a few hundred photographs.

Andrić Miro
Antonini Nikša
Batinić Ivica
Belak Zoran
Bonifačić Bojan
Brzić Mario
Bura Ivan
Carli Andrija
Cetinić Dino
Crček Andrej
Dereta Max
Fabijanić Damir
Filipović Mihajlo
Gobbo Sergio
Ibrišević Romeo
Jelača Zoran
Katavić Mladen
Kirigin Branko
Korsten Linda
Kosinožić Renco
Kragić Boris
Marić Tješimir
Medakov Mirjana
Morović Goran
Pandža Ana
Pervan Ivo
Radolović Mladen
Saganić Denis
Surać Stipe
Šerić Neven
Škrbić Kažimir
Urti Ondina
Vaerewijck Michel
Verzotti Ante
Vidulić Steno
Vilić Nikola
Višić Gordana
Višić Željko
Vukičević Božo
Žanetić Krešimir

There is no application deadline: more authors are invited to apply as well as these listed authors with their new work.

This group exhibition project is expected to be shown in Croatia and abroad.  Photographs are mounted on KapaFix boards, plastic coated, with a matt finish, in a rectangular metal frame (100 x 70 cm); therefore, such long-life photographs can be quickly and easily moved from place to place. The travelling exhibition was first organised by and held in the premises of Plovput, under the patronage of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development. On 23 February 2006 it was organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, which continues to organise new exhibitions through their Cultural Department and Embassies all over the world.

By summer 2011 the exhibition was set up in 44 galleries:

14 October – 28 October 2004 SPLIT, CROATIA: The Camera Club Gallery, Split
7 December 2004 – 8 January 2005 ZAGREB, CROATIA: Badrov Gallery
10 March – 13 March 2005 SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN: Kursaal Palace: during SEVATUR, the International Tourism Fair 
16 March – 11 April 2005 PADOVA, ITALY: Pangea Bookshop Gallery
18 April – 23 April 2005 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: Gallery of the Central European Cultural Institute
7 June – 22 June 2005 ZADAR, CROATIA: The City Lodge/the National Museum of Zadar
28 June – 10 July 2005 OSIJEK, CROATIA: The Magis Club Gallery
16 July – 16 August 2005 ROGOZNICA, CROATIA: The Frapa Marina Gallery
15 September - 30 September 2005 RIJEKA, CROATIA: The Town Museum of Rijeka
10 November – 24 November 2005 TROGIR, CROATIA: The Town Museum of Trogir
7 February – 3 March 2006 BRUXELLES, BELGIUM: The Berlaymont Building – The European Commission Headquarters  
BRUXELLES - BELGIUM Flemish Government’s showroom
10 May -17 May 2006 VIENNA, AUSTRIA: The Burgenland Croatian Centre
15 June – 25 June 2006 CAIRO, EGYPT:  The Horizon One Gallery in Cairo
6 July – 29 July 2006 ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT: the new Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
7 November – 7 December 2006 HELSINKI, FINLAND: outside the City Cultural Office in the open
28 March 2007 PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC: The Inter-Continental Hotel
22 March 2007 ROME, ITALY: The Croatian Embassy premises in Rome
March 2007 MILAN, ITALY
15 May -31 May 2007 PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC: The New Town Hall
2007 NEW YORK, USA: The UN building, East River
22 October – 4 November 2008 DUBLIN, IRELAND: The European Union House Dublin
7 June – 8 June 2008 OTTAWA, CANADA: The Embassy of Croatia
8 May – 31 May 2008 CHICAGO, USA: The Cook County office space 
7 July – 9 August 2009 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: the Fine Arts Pavilion of UCA (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Argentina)
2009 CHILE:  A part of the complete exhibition badly damaged in the earthquake
19 May -31 May 2009 JERUSALEM – ISRAEL: The City Hall Gallery
11 June – 22 June 2009 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: The Einav Cultural Centre Gallery
1 April – 30 April 2009 WASHINGTON, USA: the Pierce Reading Room of Lauinger Library,    Georgetown University
15 January – 15 February 2010 HAIFA, ISRAEL:  The Picasso Gallery in the Castra Centre for Art
9 June – 30 June 2010 ASHDOD, ISRAEL:  The Ashdod Museum of Art – Monart Centre
27 July – 3 September 2010 MOSCOW, RUSSIA: the diplomatic representative body of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Moscow
24 September 2010 RABAT, MOROCCO, Exhibition: Croatian Lighthouses – The Light of Eternity; venue: Espace de Promotion Culturelle et Economique
21 February 2011 BEOGRAD, SERBIA: The Parobrod Cultural Institution Gallery
28 April 2011 SKOPJE, MACEDONIA (FYROM): The Multimedia Gallery in the Museum of the City of Skopje
15 May 2011 ŠTIP, MACEDONIA (FYROM): The Gallery in the Town Library of Štip
20 June 2011 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA: The Comenius University of Bratislava

Editor: Željko Višić