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Hosting Controller  Windows Linux Automation

Windows Linux Hosting Automation

is a unified hosting automation control panel for web hosts and Cloud based service providers to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. It includes automated billing & provisioning and support for third party applications including blogs, CMS, Ecommerce solutions, forums, website builder, photo gallery and web data manager. Learn more

Hosting Controller Linux Control Panel

Linux Hosting Automation - HCnix

HCnix is a Linux based web hosting automation control panel which facilitates web hosts to manage multiple Web, Mail, Database and DNS servers on different GNU/Linux flavors in a cluster through single interface. It is specifically designed to be used in a distributed server environment as an independent control panel. HCnix is also bundled with set of third party Click & Install apps. Learn more

HC Enterprise & Virtualization  Suite

HC Enterprise Solutions & VPS Control Panel

Hosting Controller offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning and comes with self-serve portal for end customer.